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How Ambulance Care has changed in the past 5 years

Since the enactment of the Afordable Care Act, hospital services have taken the largest cut. Very few Americans understand the totality of this problem: One of the most dire consequences for patients is that insurance and Medicare cover very little (if any in most cases) of the costs of ambulatory services.

Most Americans assume these costs are covered by their insurance. They are not - and this is just getting TO the hospital or care center. There is not a coverage available to get you to optional care facilities or even the transport home from the hospital. How about if you are out of your coverage area? That is where these costs exponentiate and get out of hand.

Global Medevac represents you and pays for all ambulatory services, both emergent and non-emergent, for our members regardless or where they are world wide! No other company can say they do what we do - we are unique as WE PAY FOR THE ACTUAL COSTS OF ALL AMBULANCE SERVICES!

This is not insurance, this is ASSURANCE..

Find out more in our webinar or give me a call - I am more than happy to help you understand why you need this coverage.

- Karen Mossy

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