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Become an Agent Enroller Today! Save Lives While Making a Fantastic Living

Today is a wonderful day as we have officially launched our brand new online training and certification course. This has been a process several months in the making, and we could not be more excited for the possibilities this will create for each new Agent Enroller.

The job satisfaction with Global Medevac is by far the best aspect of waking up every morning. Each day I get to make an impact in the lives of my loved ones and community by being able to offer a product of such high value, every American needs it.

Very few of us realize just how the billing with the medical transportation system works. And those that do have this membership or very similar, because as for-profit companies, the Ambulance Service providers charge whatever they want. We know it, we cover bills every day into the $10's of thousands.. Its crazy and its not getting better for patients.

The services that the ambulance providers are able to produce are LIFE SAVING. They bring the hospital to the patient in most cases, and for those in the emergency, no amount of money will matter.. Its after the fact that the bill makes us wonder if it was all worth it..

Not any more..

Global Medevac is here to protect you and cover those out of pocket costs..

And best yet, we want you to sell it to your friends, family, and community.

Join us here for more information on this fantastic opportunity.


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